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Author: Subject: Chemical bath - necessary? DIY?

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[*] posted on 6/22/02 at 04:58 PM
Chemical bath - necessary? DIY?

I just picked up a new old instrument and when I went to pick up some felt discs for the valves, the repair shop guy said I needed to give it a chemical bath. I've been playing various brass instruments off and on for over 20 years and feel like I just fell off the turnip truck.

Is this necessary? Can you do it yourself? I've always done the 'bath' myself. Is the chemical bath really so special? What is a good price for this. I live in TX, USA.

Thanks in advance!

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[*] posted on 6/25/02 at 04:02 PM

For a chem bath, most shops use a diluted muratic acid or similar acid. It basically eats away at all the crud, and if not done right, the metal. You could technically do it yourself, but it can be dangerous for you and your horn, as well as not environmentally friendly :no:. Repair shops have specialized vats, equipment, and disposal means, as well as the know-how to do it with your horn intact.

It is relatively inexpensive, so I would say just let the repair shop do it, it'd just be easier.
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[*] posted on 8/24/02 at 03:00 PM

if your going to do it your self then be careful... check out #89 and read down on this web page

it talks about using clr to clean your horn... I did it to see what would happen and the fact that clr is under $4 but it was not pleasent to work with and next time i will go back to the sop again....

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[*] posted on 1/20/04 at 06:56 PM
you don't need to

you don't need to clean a horn. just oil and grease it. keep it clean of spit though. I'd go to a pro for a cleaning .
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[*] posted on 4/24/04 at 03:43 PM

matt, you had me scared there for a minute. I thought you were one of those "never clean your trumpet" kind of people. but yeah, go to pro for a flush. worth both pennies it costs.
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[*] posted on 5/18/04 at 09:35 PM

this place near where i live dose this ultraclean system cleaning called brass bow...u chicago guys prolly know what im talkin about. Im taking my horn in in a few weeks to have this and some dent removal done. Check out the shop (there repairs are a work of art)

Thats the ultra clean section.
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[*] posted on 5/19/04 at 04:02 PM

If I was you I would take in the thing to a trustworthy music store. If the store is busy then it is a better sign then not. I had my computer worked on for 2 days and it got worse and it was taken in to another place and it works great.
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